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There’s a Revolution Transforming Education and it’s NOT Happening in the Classroom!

Schoolhouse Rocked will rock your educational world to the foundations and give you and your kids great hope for the future! The old-school paradigm has proven broken and a new way of learning is here. Don’t miss this important film!” – Kirk Cameron

“I’ve been concerned for decades with the effect the public education system is having on our nation’s youth. And it has only gotten worse in recent years. Our precious children (and grandchildren) are much too important to entrust to a system that seeks to indoctrinate them with the radical ideology of the Left. Schoolhouse Rocked is excellent and a wonderful testimony to the growing popularity of home schooling and the superior education that it provides young people.” – Dr. James Dobson

“This is not an exaggeration to say, this is the movement that is needed to save this country.” – Rick Green, Patriot Academy

Stream the groundbreaking documentary, Schoolhouse Rocked: The Homeschool Revolution for FREE today and see why homeschooling is the REVOLUTION that is saving children, families, the church, and culture!

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